About us

pic-blog-2Alice Custom Tailors is a bespoke tailoring service for men and women. We offer high quality tailored formal wear to the individual at competitive prices, and exceptional quality.

At Alice Custom Tailors, individuals choose from a variety of different clothing styles and fabrics, and have their measurements taken by experienced tailors to fulfill their exact size, shape and style preferences. Before the clothing gets made, our customers get a chance to try on a draft of their order to make sure everything fits and looks how they want it to.
This process is called “the fitting” A fitting allows our clients to have their clothing made exactly how they like with professional bespoke assistance. The clothing is then made in Cambodia by our very own master tailors using the well-respected hand stitching methods of traditional ‘Cambodian Tailoring’.
Any of the following clothing can be tailor-made for anyone by Alice Custom Tailors.Men’s Suits Ladies Suits Custom made Shirts for Men Jackets Blazers Dresses Casual and Evening Jackets (Contemporary &Classic) Trousers Custom made Blouses for Ladies Skirts

Why We are The Best?

Exceptional Quality & Service alterations

pic-blog-1Each of our custom suits and custom shirts is taken care of with the complete attention of experienced tailors, and our workshops function in the most organized and careful manner imaginable. Our master tailors have been with us for over 2 decades, and are highly skilled with their precise, artistic, and quality craftsmanship.

We proudly admit that Alice Custom Tailors, like no other tailors has held a long and respectable reputation in the market for highly convenient and loyal services to its customers. Our team works under a strict code of ethics, and always welcomes all with open hands to come and enjoy the fine art of bespoke tailoring accompanied by our reliable services.

Who We are

Our History

Established in 1999, Alice Custom Tailors has witnessed the road to greater things in the tailoring market in Phnom Penh and around Cambodia.
With humble beginnings from a small store in the 90s, the family running the Business ever since has realized that friendship, quality of service and product are the most vital aspects of a successful business.
After shaking hands of several happy customers leaving the store with their first perfect-fitting suits,
Growing word-of-mouth references and close friendships from happy customers led to an increasing local demand from curious people reacting to their colleague’s stunning suits brought back from Phnom Penh, at an amazingly low price.
Eventually Alice decided that it was time to pick up the fabric samples and measuring tapes and bring her products to market.