Bespoke for Woman

When it comes to splashing out the big bucks to upgrade your wardrobe, buying a bespoke suit is invariably the ultimate purchase that a man will make. Visit Tom & Alice top tailor in Phnom Penh and you’ll be lucky to get much change from two grand for that perfect suit — so it pays to make sure you’re happy with the final product



  • Hand peaked stitching on jacket lapel
  • Surgeon’s Sleeves with 4 real working buttonholes on sleeve
  • Fully customizable interior, with 4 interior pockets to spread your carrying load
  • Shield guards to protect from your perspiration.
  • Fully hand piped interior.
  • Floating horsehair canvas
  • Handcrafted shoulder padding ensuring a perfect shoulders fit.
  • Option of full or half lining in the jacket.
  • Trousers with lining to the knee, (further if you need).
  • Heel guards at the trouser bottoms to protect from your shoes.
  • Pockets inside of pockets and reinforced pockets to hold your change.
  • A hidden pocket in the trouser waistband.