Tailored Shirt

Custom Tailored Shirts Cotton shirts

Our custom made shirts are hand-made to meet you exact size, shape, and style preferences. “Tom & Alice’s shirts are hand stitched and crafted with detailed care by experienced garment makers in our workshops. Everybody has unique proportions. “Off the peg” shirts are machine made for a group of people, while our bespoke shirts are hand-crafted by an individual for the individual. There’s a huge difference.”

 Tailored Shirts Unlike a regular “off the peg” shirt, a bespoke shirt is cut to fit one’s body shape to absolute perfection from shoulder to shoulder, neck to waste and shoulder to sleeve. Comfortable fits, slim fits or medium fits are all options available based on one’s personal fit preferences. When it comes to custom made, fit is not the only element with options.
Style choices such as different types of collar and cuff options, and monograms (your initials), are also available. Once we have your measurements, you can simply pick your fabrics and order at our showrooms, through the web or at our store